DeFi World Series: Compete in the Ultimate Esports Tournament for DeFi Enthusiasts

Are you a DeFi enthusiast looking to show off your knowledge and skills in a competitive environment? Look no further than the DeFi World Series, the ultimate esports tournament for DeFi enthusiasts.

With a $25,000 prize pool, this tournament is not only a chance to demonstrate your expertise but also to win big. The tournament will take place from July 22nd to August 6th, giving participants plenty of time to compete.

What makes the DeFi World Series innovative is that it is a simulation, not a game. Participants own an NFT to enter and pay the associated entry fee of $45. This unique approach ensures that the competition is exclusive to DeFi enthusiasts who are serious about competing.

In comparison to other NFT esports competitions, the DeFi World Series stands out because of its focus on DeFi. This tournament is specifically designed for those who are passionate about decentralized finance and want to showcase their knowledge and skills.

Entering the tournament is easy. Simply visit, register for an account, and purchase the NFT required for entry. Once you have your NFT, you are ready to compete.

While the competition will be fierce, there is a real chance of winning. With 54 participants and a $25,000 prize pool, the odds are in your favor. And even if you don't win, participating in the DeFi World Series is an opportunity to connect with other DeFi enthusiasts and expand your network.

So what are you waiting for? Join the DeFi World Series today and show off your DeFi knowledge and skills. With a $25,000 prize pool, exclusive access to DeFi enthusiasts, and the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, this tournament is not to be missed.